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Ask Yourself These Top 3 Questions to Know if You’re a Good Candidate for miraDry

Want to get rid of excessive armpit sweating through miraDry?
Before you rush to your nearest provider, take a moment to ask yourself these questions to know if you’re a good fit for miraDry.

miraDry the sweat stops here

Do you have symptoms of excessive sweating?

You might be sweating a lot, but that doesn’t mean that you are already suffering from excessive sweating.

If you sweat excessively due to heat and increased physical activity, then that’s just a normal body reaction to regulate your temperature.

If antiperspirants and home remedies help control your sweat, then you probably don’t need a miraDry session just yet.

It’s best to check with your doctor first if you suspect that you have hyperhidrosis so that he can evaluate your symptoms.

excessive sweating symptoms

Are your underarms your biggest problem areas?

miraDry destroys sweat glands to minimize sweating for good, but it only works on your underarms.

The Food and Drug Administration only cleared it as a treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis, so if you also sweat in other parts of your body, you’re better off with other treatment options.


Are you prepared to handle miraDry’s risks and side effects?

Although studies show that miraDry is safe and effective, it also has its own set of minor side effects.

Be ready to deal with underarm swelling, soreness, bruising, and redness for a few weeks at most. For some people, swelling can lead to minor irritation and the development of large lumps.

It’s also normal to experience skin sensation changes, like numbness and tingling in the upper arms and pits.

miraDry fresh system

If you answered YES to all these questions, then you’re a good candidate for a miraDry session that can stop your underarm sweating, boost your self-confidence, and change your life for the better.

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