miraDry Comprehensive Guide to Sweating Treatment System


If you’ve ever consulted a doctor because of excessive sweating,
then you’ve probably heard of miraDry, even in passing

Of course, there are many alternative treatments that doctors will recommend to you. But among these many remedies, miraDry is the only FDA-cleared treatment that eliminates sweat glands in your underarms without the need for surgery.

Not only that, but the FDA also considers it to be effective in eliminating hair and odor glands in the underarms, thus hitting three birds with one stone.

If you want a more in-depth look at this revolutionary underarm treatment, read the rest of this article and learn more about miraDry ®.

miraDry ® Benefits

As previously mentioned, miraDry has three big benefits.

The first one is minimizing the perspiration in your underarms.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis—a condition that causes profuse sweating even without any known triggers—miraDry is definitely a godsend.

The treatment destroys the sweat glands in your underarms, dramatically decreasing the amount of sweat produced in your armpits. According to different studies, a single session can reduce sweat by 82% to 90%. Thanks to miraDry, you no longer have to feel embarrassed by the sweat marks that appear in your clothing.

Two other benefits of this hyperhidrosis remedy are
the elimination of underarm hair and odor.

During the treatment session, the device targets not only your sweat glands but also your hair and odor glands. That’s why you’ll see a reduction in the amount of hair growing in your armpits. You’ll also notice that your pits don’t smell anymore, which is also in part due to the lower amount of sweat produced in the underarms.

The miraDry® System

miraDry is not just some cream that you apply in your underarms
—it’s actually a device that releases electromagnetic energy to destroy the target glands.

The device consists of a touch screen monitor connected to a console body that we can wheel around the clinic. It also has a handpiece, which is used to carry out the whole treatment process.

The miraDry console has five different energy settings, plus a vacuum and a cooling system. The handpiece can cover up to 10mm x 30mm in a single placement and is attached to a bioTip via a magnetic locking mechanism.

miraDry fresh system
miraDry hand device

The bioTip is where the microwave energy passes through. Before releasing energy, it also safely pulls the dermis away from underlying structures so that the rest of your skin won’t be damaged.

The machine also includes an armrest for your comfort, as well as a template system to help your miraDry-certified plastic surgeon apply temporary skin markings as a treatment guide.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on what happens
during a miraDry treatment session:


If you sweat a lot in your underarm area, then this treatment will help minimize your perspiration and bring back your confidence. It’s best for people who have hyperhidrosis since they sweat even when it’s cold, or they’re resting.

  • However, you should NOT undergo any miraDry treatments if you have any electric device implants like a heart pacemaker since the machine might interfere with its function.
  • You should also avoid miraDry if you are allergic to local anesthesia, pregnant, or need supplemental oxygen.
  • Ask your doctor first if you have any underlying skin conditions or you had previous armpit surgery.
  • Take note also that the FDA only approved miraDry for hyperhidrosis treatment in the underarm area. If you suffer from excessive sweating in your hands, feet, or face, this treatment won’t help you.

miraDry® is also perfect for people who want to live a natural and toxin-free lifestyle, as it is a viable alternative to deodorants and antiperspirants that contain chemicals like parabens, aluminum, and propylene glycol.

Aluminum is absorbed into the skin and induces changes to estrogen receptors located in breast cells.
Parabens mimic estrogen activity. They are also found in breast tumors.
Propylene glycol causes contact dermatitis and is toxic to the kidneys and liver.


Four to six days before your scheduled treatment, you need to shave both of your underarms. Don’t worry if there’s a bit of hair growth during the procedure because your doctor will use that as a guide to identify your treatment areas. Shaving on the designated time is important. If you forgot to do it, your doctor would reschedule the procedure.
Don’t use any deodorant or antiperspirant the day before your miraDry session.
On the day itself, wear a clean tank top with loose arm holes so that your doctor can easily access your armpits. It’s also advisable to wear dark clothing to avoid staining.
One miraDry session typically lasts for an hour. During that time, you can listen to songs, podcasts, or audiobooks on your cell phone to keep you occupied.


Right after the treatment, your plastic surgeon will clean your underarms with alcohol and wipe away the markings and any excess lubricants.
He will also apply an ice pack on your underarms to cool them. You must continue doing this for 20 minutes at a time every few hours during the first couple of days, as it will help reduce pain and discomfort. That’s why it’s best to prepare ice packs before the procedure. You don’t need to buy medical ice packs. You can simply wrap ice cubes in a towel, or you may also fill small plastic water bottles and put them in the freezer for later use.

If you feel any soreness and experience swelling, take non-prescription anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen to relieve them.
Make sure that you keep your armpits clean by washing them with gentle soap and water. Your doctor might also prescribe you with an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin to prevent infection.

Don’t wear anything sleeveless in public for at least a week after the procedure because your underarms will be swollen and discolored. You should also avoid shaving or applying deodorants or antiperspirants in the meantime.

If you want to do sweat-inducing activities and exercises, wait for a few days before resuming them.


Removing the sweat glands in your underarms won’t have any negative effect in your body since those only account for 2% of the body’s sweat glands.

Still, you should expect some degree of bruising at the injection site because of the local anesthesia shots you received. It’s also normal to experience some numbness and tingling of the arm during the first 24 hours post-procedure.

- swelling
- soreness or pain
- altered sensation
- redness
- weakness
- tight banding
- bumps under the skin

All of these are bound to resolve within a few days or weeks.

- darkening of the skin
- burns
- rashes
- skin infections
- altered sweating in other areas

Make sure that you consult your miraDry-certified practitioner if you experience any of these complications.


When looking for a healthcare professional who can provide you with miraDry treatments, it’s important that you look for a miraDry-certified practitioner at your location.

These practitioners achieve their certification after finishing three steps.

First, they’ll complete their initial training, which consists of discussions and hands-on training with two proctored patients. This stage usually lasts for six hours.

After that, practitioners will conduct at least three independent patient treatments overseen and recorded by a miraDry team leader.

Finally, they get to receive their certification after successfully conducting a patient consultation and fully treating one underarm from beginning to end.

Only after completing these three thorough steps can healthcare practitioners become miraDry-certified, showing their ability to conduct the treatment properly and safely.

sweat stops here

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