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Do You Have Hyperhidrosis? Here are 5 Excessive Sweating Symptoms that You Should Watch Out for

When it comes to diagnosing hyperhidrosis, the best thing to do is to consult a licensed physician to know if you have the condition.

But you can also evaluate yourself for excessive sweating symptoms to know if it’s time for you to go to a doctor and get yourself diagnosed.

Which of the following excessive sweating symptoms do you experience most of the time?

Dr Nick N Masri MD FACS
N. Nick Masri MD FACS

Symptom #1: Uncontrollable sweating

On average, people sweat up to one liter a day. Those who sweat too much, on the other hand, can sweat up to five times more.

You might perspire even if there are no environmental triggers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just sitting in the office or watching TV on your sofa. You’re still drenched with sweat.

When the amount you sweat does not match the physical effort that you are exerting, that’s one of the symptoms for excessive sweating.

excessive sweating

Symptom #2: Weird sweating patterns

Sometimes, you experience generalized sweating. This happens when you’re sweating all over the body.

But at other times, you only have asymmetrical sweating. It’s when you only sweat excessively on one side of your body.


Symptom #3: Night sweats

Night sweats can disrupt your sleeping pattern. It can lead you to wake you up in the middle of the night in damp sheets.

But other than hyperhidrosis, some conditions may also cause night sweats. For instance, excessive sweating at night may be a side effect of menopause. Certain medications can also cause night sweats, like steroids, antidepressants, and pain relievers.

Talk to your doctor first because cutting them completely, as that may produce unwanted side effects.

excessive sweating at night

Symptom #4: Worrying too much about your excessive sweating symptoms

The everyday struggle with sweating can affect your everyday lifestyle choices. You stay away from fabrics like satin or silk because they’re too hot. Because you’re afraid of body odor, you also shy away from social interactions. You try so hard to hide your sweat, and you have lower self-esteem because of it.

Not only will excessive sweating have a physical effect on you, but it may also impact you emotionally.

excessive sweat embarrassment

Symptom #5: Ineffective common remedies

Instead of employing the usual remedies like antiperspirants and sweat pads, you now have to get out of your way to control sweating. You might need to go to the doctor and get a prescription antiperspirant.

Sometimes, you even have to resort to medications to block certain nerves that contribute to your hyperhidrosis.

You might also need to try more high-end treatments, like miraDry and Botox injections. In worst cases, you might need to get hyperhidrosis surgery.


If you can identify with these problems, then it’s time to do something about your sweating problem.

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