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6 Body Odor Diseases Your Smell Might Be Telling You

Foul body odor is usually linked to poor hygiene. It might also be due to a diet rich in smell-inducing food like onions, garlic, and alcohol. But when the stench gets out of control, it is possible that body odor diseases are already causing that unwanted odor.

Solving foul body odor caused by stress, bacteria, diet, and excessive sweating is easy. You can use a deodorant, practice good hygiene, or improve your food intake. But if strong odor persists after these usual remedies, then it might be a symptom of body odor diseases.
Here are some medical conditions that can cause stench to reek from your body:

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Trimethylaminuria is a rare genetic and metabolic disorder that causes a strong unpleasant smell in the body.

If you have this, your cells are unable to produce a protein called flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3). This results in an inability to metabolize nitrogen-containing compounds like trimethylamine–the same compound that gives fish its foul odor. Trimethylamine accumulates and gets released in your sweat, breath, and body fluids.

You’ll find trimethylamine in foods like eggs, liver, legumes, and fish.
Thus, eating these foods can trigger trimethylaminuria.

So when somebody says something smells fishy, it might be due to trimethylaminuria.

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for this condition. But you can curb the odor by avoiding those protein-rich foods and taking supplements and antibiotics.

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Diabetes and other related complications may also be a body odor disorder. Diabetics usually suffer from a gum disease that gives them a sweet, fruity breath.

Another reason for the unpleasant smell is diabetic ketoacidosis. It is a diabetes complication where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin to burn sugar. It then switches to burning fat for fuel.

This then results to a byproduct called ketones, which build up in the blood and urine. It gives off a smell similar to acetone or nail polish remover.



In hyperthyroidism or Grave’s disease, your thyroid glands overproduce the thyroid hormone. It increases your metabolism, which causes problems like insomnia and fast heartbeat.

It also causes sweat overproduction, increasing the likelihood of a foul body odor. Having sweaty armpits can make you smell more.


Kidney and Liver Dysfunction

Musty body odor causes in adults are sometimes linked to the kidneys and liver. These organs remove toxins from the body and convert them into waste products.

But as crucial as toxin removal is, it can be disrupted when dysfunctions occur in these organs. Several conditions can cause these, including autoimmune diseases and prescription medications.

When the kidneys and liver fail to flush out toxins, the toxins settle in the blood and digestive tract. They produce a smell in the urine or sweat, which in turn signals that something is wrong with the organs.

Whether it is a body odor kidney disease or a liver dysfunction, you need urgent medical intervention.



The early detection of cancer through a person’s scent has yet to become reliable. But some studies reveal that certain scents can indicate ovarian and prostate cancer.

To detect these scents, researchers use electronic noses and the acute olfactory system of canines, as human noses seldom smell them. Humans, however, can recognize some distinguishable scents linked to symptoms of cancer.

For example, the bodies of cancer patients usually have necrotic lesions or dead tissues. They produce a strong rotting stench that humans can easily recognize.

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Typhoid Fever

Like cancer, typhoid fever is a serious illness killing millions of people per year. It occurs when the intestines get infected by Salmonella Typhi.

You can contract this by ingesting food or water contaminated by the bacteria. It is usually accompanied by sustained fever, rashes, stomach pains, and headaches.

But as deadly as typhoid fever is, the smell it causes an affected person to emit is somewhat pleasant. Many liken it to freshly baked bread.
But remember that typhoid fever is dangerous and contagious, so don’t let the smell fool you.

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The human body naturally emits an odor that may be pleasant or unpleasant. It depends on the body’s metabolic conditions, hygiene, and medical conditions. While an unpleasant odor may be embarrassing, it is also your body’s way of alerting you about body odor diseases that need urgent attention.

miraDry treatment

Do any of these remove disease-associated odors smell familiar? If so, get yourself checked for possible underlying medical conditions and early intervention. But if you think that your armpit smell isn’t caused by any of these body odor diseases, then you might want to check out miraDry.
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